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Passive Investments is a real estate & natural resource investment company with a focus on cash flowing properties in the southern United States. Passive Investments offers tax-advantaged passive investments to help our clients build wealth. Passive Investments are 506(c) offerings open to accredited investors only. 1031 Exchanges & Self Directed IRA accepted. 

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Our Goal is High Return Investments  

Cash flowing real estate and natural resources are a few of the most consistent ways to build wealth. Our business model is simple. We find under market rents in growing metropolitan areas. With added value to the units we can increase rents and provide solid returns to our investors. Similarly we find already producing, abandoned, or neglected natural resource properties we can rework and make profit. Mailbox money is a top priority. We invest with our investors on all of our prospects so our interests are aligned.



Locate Undermarket Rents


Increase with Added Value


Provide Solid Returns

A Proven Strategy

Housing Moves Hand in Hand Above Inflation


For 10 years from 3/1/1969 to 3/1/1979 an inflation adjusted $100,000 investment in the S&P 500 would be worth roughly $48,000 at the end of that period, with an inflation adjusted return of -$52,000 or Negative 52%. The pre inflation return for the period was negative, -4%. Inflation, stagflation, and other economic factors can have a serious impact on our financial future. Historically, housing outpaces inflation since people are willing to cut other expenses and pay more for housing. 

Oil & Natural Gas intangible drilling costs are 100% tax deductible. Multifamily Investments offer tax advantaged returns through section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allowing full depreciation in the current tax year and 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains tax.


Enjoy checkbook control of your retirement savings with a self-directed IRA. Invest with speed and confidence in the assets you want, not a predetermined menu of mutual funds. Secure your retirement with a self-directed IRA from Rocket Dollar. 


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